Natural Power.

Natural Power is an independent renewable energy consultancy and products provider with over two decades of unique industry expertise.

We provide services in the following areas across the onshore wind, offshore renewables, solar, renewable heat and grid & infrastructure sectors:

  • Analysis
  • Engineering
  • Planning & Permitting
  • Environmental
  • Project Management
  • Due diligence & Advisory

Employing over 330 people worldwide, Natural Power is backed by an extensive set of consultancy credentials including:

  • 25GW technical and due diligence portfolio
  • Over a decade of strategic and practical ecology experience
  • 1GW+ of Clients consented projects onshore and 1.3GW+ offshore
  • Managing 27% of the UK’s installed onshore wind farm capacity
  • More than 110 wind farms managed through the construction phase

Our offices and local expertise can be found across multiple sites in Europe and the Americas.

Creating a better environment